Family Health Care

When you need family medical care, remember FamilyCare Health Centers - offering health care services with a personal touch. We provide health care services for every stage of life: newborns and children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens.

If you have a long-term illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure, our Disease Management Program can help you manage your illness and feel your best.

We offer physicals, health screenings and testing for illnesses to pick up health problems early. We can help you learn more about how to keep your family (and yourself) as healthy as possible.

In addition to family health care, we offer sports, camp, school and employment physicals, as well as minor surgeries. At FamilyCare, you can get your annual flu shot and update your vaccinations.

Some FamilyCare sites are open weekday evenings or Saturday mornings for urgent care visits. One of our clinicians is always on call after hours if you have an urgent question or problem.

FamilyCare Health Center can help you maintain your quality of life in your senior years by providing:
Patients of all Ages

  • Vision and hearing screening and referral when more help is needed
  • Health screenings, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, mammograms
  • Flu and pneumonia shots, shingles vaccine, and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis/whooping cough)
  • Care management for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis
  • Assistance with obtaining medications

FamilyCare will help you get screening tests for cancer and other diseases. Please ask us about programs that help with the cost of screening tests for men and women.

Staying healthy and living well. Your life-style choices can make a difference in your health. The Surgeon General, our nation's doctor, has a prescription for America. FamilyCare Health Center can help you make choices to stay healthy now and in the future.

  • Choose a healthy diet and exercise regularly
  • Reduce and manage stress
  • Stop smoking and substance abuse
  • Develop healthy attitudes and relationships
  • Recognize the spirituality of your life
  • Schedule regular check-ups and health screenings
  • To prevent accidents and injuries, wear seat belts, and accident proof your home
  • Visit for tips on living a healthy life

Teays Valley Fibromyalgia Self-Help Group

Teays Valley Fibromyalgia Self-Help Group meets the 3rd Friday of every month at 10:00am in our Teays Valley FamilyCare conference room located at: 97 Great Teays Blvd., Suite 6, in Scott Depot, WV. The meetings are free and are open to anyone who has Fibromyalgia and their support people. For more information please contact Michelle L. Kosa, MSW, LGSW, at 304-757-6999, ext. *1023.

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association (NFMCPA)

Affordable Prescriptions – FamilyCare’s 340B Program

The Federal 340B Drug Pricing Program allows FamilyCare to purchase medications for our patients at discounted prices. We provide those medications at discounted prices to our patients at local pharmacies.

Uninsured patients can receive, on average, a 40% discount on the cost of their drugs. Insured and Medicare patients can compare pricing to see if it is cheaper to pay for their drugs through this program or their insurance co-pay.

You will need a Patient ID Card from FamilyCare to get a 340B discount at the pharmacy. Walgreens has their own card; all other pharmacies listed below use a card from CaptureRx. Be sure to get a card from us and take it with you to the pharmacy.

This program is only for FamilyCare patients and only for prescriptions written by a FamilyCare health care provider (doctor, nurse-midwife, nurse practitioner, physician assistant). You can’t share your Patient ID Card with anyone.

The Patient ID Cards are available at the check-in desk at each FamilyCare location.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to download a copy of our 340B Program, Affordable Prescriptions.

Participating Pharmacies

Drug Emporium

1603 Kanawha Blvd. W.
Charleston, WV 25387

5101 MacCorkle Ave. SW
Charleston, WV 25304

Fruth Pharmacy

701 Lee Street E.
Charleston, WV 25301

864 Oakwood Rd.
Charleston, WV 25314

501 Roosevelt Blvd.
Eleanor, WV 25070

3109 Teays Valley Rd.
Hurricane, WV 25526

101 21st St.
Nitro, WV 25143

4539 Teays Valley Rd.
Scott Depot, WV 25560

Kmart Pharmacy

1477 McCorkle Ave. SW
St. Albans, WV 25177

1701 4th Ave. W.
Charleston, WV 25387

Kroger Pharmacy

500 Delaware Ave.
Charleston, WV 25302

3265 Smoot Ave.
Madison, WV 25130

304 Great Teays Blvd.
Scott Depot, WV 25560

6360 US Route 60E
Barboursville, WV 25504

1439 MacCorkle Ave.
St. Albans, WV 25177

Madison Family Pharmacy

313 Madison Ave.
Madison, WV 25130

Walgreens Pharmacy

655 Washington St. W.
Charleston, WV 25302

101 Goff Mountain Rd.
Cross Lanes, WV 25313

3000 Teays Valley Rd.
Hurricane, WV 25526

6414 US Route 60
Barboursville, WV 25504

Van Professional Pharmacy

19024 Pond Fork Rd.
Van, WV 25206

Patients with Disabilities

FamilyCare staff can assist patients with disabilities.

Please let us know if you need our assistance.

Our staff will work to address your needs.